Marlene West

Marlene WestHello! My name is Mrs. West and I am a Kindergarten IA. I have been working as an Instructional Assistant for 16 years. I love working in kindergarten and seeing the kids grow in every area throughout the year.


I was born in Portland,Oregon and at the age of 2 my family moved to Madras, Oregon. I have a younger brother and a younger sister. My parents still live in Madras. I moved to Rogue River in 2003. I got married in 2004. I have two kids. My sons name is Josiah and my daughters name is Hannah. 


This summer my family went to The Trees of Mystery and Ocean World. We also went to Wildlife Safari a few times seeing all the fun animals roaming around. I have a cat and his name is Marvin.


I am looking forward to this school year watching you learn and grow throughout the school year.




Food: Macaroni and cheese


Movie: Beauty and the Beast


Book: Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn


Color: Purple and Blue


Drink: Hot chai tea


Season: Spring


Fast Food: Panda Express


Animal: Koalas


Hobby: Sewing and cross stitching