Marla Smith

Marla SmithHello there, my name is Mrs. Smith and I am one of the IA’s working with Kindergartners. I have been working at Rogue River Elementary School for four years now and I love working with kindergartners and helping them learn the alphabet, reading and their numbers.


I really enjoy working with kindergartners because they bring great enjoyment into my life. It is wonderful to see their first moment when they catch on to and understand what I am teaching them.


I come from an Air Force family which is why I was born in Hawaii and at a young age moved around a lot. I went from Hawaii to Hamton Virgina and then San Bernardino California. My family settled in Rogue River Oregon in 1976 when my father retired from the Air Force. I went to elementary school in Wimer and then to middle school and then the high school here. Married at Tom Pearce park and have one child.


This summer I started a garden which was really a buffet  for the deer. Went on lots of hikes, blackberry picking and even learned new painting styles on canvas with my son. 




Food: Mexican


Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy


Book: Little House on the Prairie


Color: Blue


Drink: Ice Tea


Season: Fall


Fast Food: Arby’s


Animal: Pugs


Hobby: Crafts