Myrna Fliegel

Myrna FliegelHi My name is Myrna Fliegel. The students call me Ms. Myrna. I have worked for RRSD almost 30 years. I have worked in many positions from classroom assistant to secretary. Now I am enjoying the library position. It is a fun challenge to figure out what each grade level likes when they come to read and research things in the library. 


When I’m not at work I enjoy gardening, going for walks or hiking, floating the river and sewing. I also love spending time with my grandchildren. 


My family was raised here in RR. My children went to school here and were friends with some of your parents. Some of my grandchildren have also gone here to RR schools. 


This is a great community to live in!




Food: I just like to eat.  Pasta dishes are great, lasagna, fettuccine, alfredo, spaghetti.


Movie: Sound of Music and Fiddler on the Roof


Book: any by Jamies Herriot, Eric Carl or Jan Brett


Color: Blue


Drink: fruit smoothies or Chai tea


Season: ALL Fall for the beautiful colors, winter for the snow and crisp air, spring for the beautiful flowers, and summer for the warm sunshine.


Fast Food: Chick-fil-A


Animal: Cats


Hobby: Sewing