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    Welcome.  The Rogue River School District Food Service Program is operated by Chartwells.  The Employees and staff of Chartwells are committed to providing a selection of nutritious and tasty meal choices to fuel your child's educational and physical growth. 

    Chartwells K12 and Rogue River School District are bringing healthy and delicious new foods, menu transparency and more to students for the 2016-17 school year.

    Chartwells K12 and Rogue River School District are proud to announce a variety of new menus and programs for the coming school year, all designed specifically for Rogue River School District students. With great-tasting and healthy new foods, menu apps and fresh, local produce all on the menu, it’s sure to be an exciting year in the café!

    New Menus

    Chartwells K12 chefs and dietitians have cooked up a freshly-inspired menu for the coming school year designed specifically for Rogue River School District students and including a wide array of healthy and delicious options. The new menu includes:

    • Chicken Pasta Alfredo
    • Roasted Italian Vegetable Wrap (7-12)
    • Cobb Salad  (7-12)
    • Italian Chicken Parmesan Sandwich (7-12)   
    • Brunch for Lunch

     Menu Transparency in Your Hands

    Full menus will be literally in the hands of students and parents this fall through Nutrislice, an exclusive partner of Chartwells K12. Nutrislice works with Chartwells K12’s proprietary and FDA-approved Webtrition menu planning program to make Rogue River School District menus available online through smartphones, email and the web with recipe descriptions, original photos, and nutrition & allergy information.

    Download the Nutrislice App from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and search for your menus or find them on the web: rogueriver.nutrislice.com

     Fresh Produce and Local Partners

    Chartwells K12 and Rogue River School District are proud to support local farmers and companies, bringing students the freshest possible produce while supporting the local economy. Local produce and products on the menu this year include:

    • Cucumbers from Hilltop Produce
    • Bell Peppers from Joe Siri
    • Apples from Duck Delivery

     About Chartwells K12

    Chartwells K12 provides for more than 600 school districts, ranging from large public institutions to small charter and private schools, all with expansive needs. Chartwells K12 is a culinary-focused organization with a mission to extend its passion, dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm into serving each student delicious and nutritious meals. The company is built on decades of food and education experience and driven by top culinary, nutrition, wellness and sustainability talent. Chartwells K12 is part of Compass Group, an international leader in foodservice management and support services. For more information, visit http://www.ChartwellsK12.com.